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Horses   07.09.01

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    Hong Kong 

    Hong Kong Analysis  horse racing news and information  from Practical Punting Daily

    Hong Kong: Declan Murphy Bloodstock
    Hong Kong:  horseracing site (in Chinese)
    Hong Kong: HK Racing Services  handicapper's service
    Hong Kong: racing information (in Chinese)
    Hong Kong: Horse World  horseracing page
    Hong Kong Jockey Club  thoroughbred racecourse
    Hong Kong: Race Interactive  horse racing information from Horse Power
    Hong Kong Racing Journal  provider of Racing Information for Hong Kong
    Hong Kong: South China Morning Post, Racing Post
    Hong Kong: Speed Club  club for horseracing fans of Hong Kong
    Hong Kong: Trunk's Winning World  horseracing site (in Chinese)
    Hong Kong: Turf Club  eletronic betting


    Hungary: Furioso-North Star [Mezõhegyesi Félvér]  (in Hungarian)

    Hungary: Lótenyésztés    horse breeding database and information (in Hungarian)


    Iceland: Ásólfsstaðir    horse rental farm

    Iceland: Diddi Icelandic Horses  Breeding farm and training facility
    Iceland: Eiðfaxi International  bimonthly magazine about Icelandic horse breeding and horsemanship
    Iceland: Fitjamyri Icelandic Horse Farm
    Iceland: Geysir Islandpferde  Icelandic horses information (in German)
    Iceland: Hestaíþróttasamband Íslands  Icelandic horse association (in Icelandic)
    Iceland: Hestaskólinn  The Icelandic professional riding school
    Iceland: Kjartansstadir Icelandic Breeding Farm
    Iceland: Landssamband hestamannafélaga  state horse organisation (in Icelandic)
    Iceland: Neðra-Vatnshorn  horse farm
    Iceland: Pétur Jökull Hákonarson   Icelandic horse breeding farm


    India: Poonawalla Stud Farms

    Indonesian Horse Industry Statistics: Horse Population by Province

    Ireland: Association of Irish Racecourses

    Ireland: Ballinrobe Racecourse  flat and national hunt racetrack in Ballinrobe, Co Mayo
    Ireland: BBA (Ireland)  "Ireland's leading Bloodstock Agency"
    Ireland: Connemara Pony Breeders Society
    Ireland: Curragh Racecourse  national hunt racetrack
    Ireland: Down Royal Racecourse  thoroughbred racetrack
    Ireland: Dressage Ireland (Northern Region)
    Ireland: Drumgooland Country House & Equestrian Centre
    Ireland: Equine World Ireland  racing, breeding, showjunping, eventing, polo
    Ireland: Everardsgrange  racehorse training facility
    Ireland: Fairyhouse Racecourse  thoroughbred racetrack
    Ireland: Galway Races  flat and national hunt racetrack
    Ireland: Goffs Bloodstock Sales
    Ireland: Horseracing in Ireland
    Ireland: Naas Racecourse  thoroughbred racetrack
    Ireland: Punchestown  national hunt racetrack
    Ireland: Racing Apprentice Centre of Education  organisation to improve the social, professional and human development of young people who work with horses
    Ireland: Sean Graham, Horse Racing  horseracing betting
    Ireland: Tote Ireland Limited  responsibility for the operation of a totalisator on the 25 racecourses in the Republic of Ireland
    Ireland: Turf Club  regulatory body of Irish racing
    Ireland: University College Dublin, Faculty of Agriculture, Equine Studies
    Ireland: University of Limerick, Department of Life Sciences, Equine Science
    Ireland: University of Limerick, Study Abroad Programmes, Equine Science

    Ireland: Waterford and Tramore Races
    Irish Draught Horse Society
    Irish Horse Board
    Irish Horseracing Authority
    Irish-Horses  database of the Irish Horse industry
    Irish Sport Horse Studbook
    Irish Thoroughbred Breeders' Association
    Irish Thoroughbred Marketing
    Irish Trakehner Horse Sociery


    Israel:  Tourism Guide, Horse Back Riding  directory of horse back riding clubs in Israel

    Italy: Akhal-Teke Association of Italy [Allevamento Cavalli Akhal Teke] (in Italian)

    Italy: Arabitalia  "The Official site of Arabians in Italy"
    Italy: Associazione Italiana Appaloosa Sport Horses (in Italian)
    Italy: Associazione Italiana Equitazione Western (in Italian)
    Italy: Associazione Nazionale Allevatori del Cavallo Trottatore  Italian Breeding Association of Trotters
    Italy: Associazione Nazionale dei Veterinari dell'Encat  national association of equine veterinarians (in Italian)
    Italy: Associazione Nazionale Italiana Cavallo Arabo  National Arabian Horse Association (in Italian)
    Italy: Associazione Nazionale Cavallo Reining  National Reining Horse Association (in Italian)
    Italy: Azienda Agricola Millefiori  breeder of Appaloosa Sport Horses (in Italian)
    Italy: Cavallo Web  horse information site
    Italy: Centro Ippico Belvedere  Belvedere horse riding centre

    Italy: Centro Regionale Incremento Ippico di Crema  horse breeding centre in Lombardy
    Italy: Cesenate Corse al Trotto  trotting in Cesena and Bologne
    Italy: Consorzio Rete Agenzie Ippiche  horseracing agency network consortium (in Italian)
    Italy: Ente Nazionale per il Cavallo Italiano  national society for the Italian horse (in Italian)
    Italy: Federazione Italiana Sport Equestri  Italian equestrian association (in Italian)
    Italy: Galoppo e Trotto  Breeding and horse sports paper
    Italy: Ippica  Pagine dedicate al mondo delle corse - pages dedicated to the word of horseracing (in Italian)
    Italy: Ippica San Michele  horse riding stable in Piemonte (in Italian)
    Italy: Ippodromo Arcoveggio  racetrack in Bologna (in Italian)
    Italy: Ippodromo Caprilli  racetrack in Livorno (in Italian)
    Italy: Ippodromo Comunale  racetrack in Ferrara (in Italian)

    Italy: Ippodromo dei Pini Follonica  racetrack in Follonica (in Italian)
    Italy: Ippodromo del Savio  racetrack in Cesena (in Italian)
    Italy: Ippodromo di Montebello  racetrack in Trieste (in Italian)
    Italy: Ippodromo Le Bettole  racetrack in Varese (in Italian)
    Italy: Ippodromo Paolo VI  racetrack in Taranto (in Italian)
    Italy: Ippodromo San Paolo  racetrack in Montegiorgio (in Italian)
    Italy: Ippodromo S.Artemio  racetrack in Treviso (in Italian)
    Italy: Manuale di Volteggio  Vaulting manual (in Italian)
    Italy: Mr Horse  international horse news and information site based in Italy
    Italy: Parco del Ticino, Romantica Passeggiata in Carrozza Carriage horse ride in Ticino Park near Milan (in Italian)
    Italy: Scuderia Gardesana Srl  racehorse breeders in S.Angelo di Piove
    Italy: Sisal  horseracing site (in Italian)
    Italy: Società Varesina Incremento Corse Cavalli  society in Varese to increase the number of horse racetracks (in Italian)
    Italy: Tor di Valle Raceway [Ippodromo Tor di Valle]
    Italy: TotoService  internet wagering office
    Italy: Vereinigung der Freizeitreiter in Deutschland, Landesverband Südtirol  German horseriding association South Tirolian branch (in German)


    Jamaica: Caymanas Park  thoroughbred racetrack 11miles west of Kingston in the parish of St. Catherine

    Jamaica: Knolford Polo Ranch


    Japan: A Brief History of Japanese Horse Racing  from Japan Association for International Horse Racing

    Japan: Arao Racecourse  dirt course in Arao-shi, Kumamoto
    Japan: Asahikawa Racecourse  Ban-ei Keiba racecourse in Hokkaido
    Japan: Ashikaga Racecourse  dirt course in Ashikaga-shi, Tochigi
    Japan Association for International Horse Racing(in Japanese)
    Japan: Banei Racing  a form of horse racing whereby the horse pulls a sled (in Japanese)
    Japan: Carrot Lunch  racing information site (in Japanese)
    Japan: Chukyo Racecourse  thoroughbred racetrack in Toyoake-shi, Aichi near Nagoya
    Japan: Denno Ukeiba Juke  horseracing site (in Japanese)
    Japan: Derby Square  horse news and information site (in Japanese)
    Japan: Derby Stallion World (in Japanese)
    Japanese Society of Equine Science (in Japanese)
    Japan: Fukushima Racecourse
    Japan: Fukuyama Racecourse  dirt course in Fukuyama-shi, Hiroshima
    Japan: Funabashi Racecourse  dirt course in Funabashi-shi, Chiba
    Japan: Gingi Racinghorse Association (in Japanese)
    Japan: Hakodate Racecourse  thoroughbred horseracing track in Hokkaido
    Japan: Hanshin Racecourse  in Takarazuka-shi, Hyogo
    Japan: Himeji Racecourse  dirt course in Himeji-shi, Hyogo
    Japan: Hohonobo Horse Racing Site  horse racing information (in Japanese)
    Japan: Horse Fan Club "15-15"  Japanese dirt racing (in Japanese)
    Japan: HorseholicJapanese horseracing information and news including Japanese Race Association race results updated every Monday
    Japan: Horse Race by Target (in Japanese)
    Japan: Horserace Info in Japan (in Japanese)
    Japan: Horse Racing Information (in Japanese)
    Japan: Horse Racing Information KSM (in Japanese)
    Japan: Horse Racing in Japan  Emperor's Cup - Queen Elizabeth Cup - Kikka Sho - Mile Champtionship -Japan Cup - Unstoppable Sunday Silence - Leading Sire Ranking
    Japan: Horse Racing in Japan  internet links directory of Japanese language horseracing sites
    Japan: Horse Racing Square (in Japanese)
    Japan: Horse Racing World (in Japanese)
    Japan: Horse World (in Japanese)
    Japan: Iwamizawa Racecourse  Ban-ei Keiba racecourse in Hokkaido
    Japan: Journal of Equine Science  Abstracts
    Japan: Kaminoyama Racecourse  Dirt Course in Kaminoyama-shi, Yamagata
    Japan: Kanazawa Racecourse  dirt course in Kanazawa-shi, Ishikawa
    Japan: Kasamatsu Racecourse  dirt course in Hashima-gun, Gifu
    Japan: Kawasaki Racecourse [Kawasaki Keiba]  dirt course in Kawasaki-shi, Kanagawa (in Japanese)
    Japan: Kawasaki Racecourse  Alternate site in English
    Japan: Keiba  free handicapping service (in Japanese)
    Japan: Keiba Fan  "Racecourse Fan" racing news and information (in Japanese)
    Japan: Keiba Nihon  "Racecourse Japan" racing news and information (in Japanese)
    Japan: Keiba Room  "Racecourse Room" racing news and information (in Japanese)
    Japan: Kitami Racecourse
    Japan: Kochi Racecourse
    Japan: Kokura Racecourse  thoroughbred racetrack in Kitakyushu-shi, Fukuoka
    Japan: Kousamas Horse Racing Club (in Japanese)
    Japan: Kyoto Racecourse
    Japan: Masuda Racecourse  dirt course in Masuda-shi, Shimane
    Japan: Mikata  horseracing site (in Japanese)
    Japan: Mizusawa Racecourse  Dirt Course in Mizusawa-shi, Iwate
    Japan: Mombetsu Racecourse  in Sarugun, Hokkaido
    Japan: Morioka Racecourse  dirt and turf courses in Morioka-shi, Iwate
    Japan: Nagoya Racecourse  dirt course in Nagoya-shi, Aichi
    Japan: Nakatsu Racecourse  dirt course in Nagoya-shi, Aichi
    Japan: Nakayama Racecourse
    Japan: Network  horseracing information (in Japanese)
    Japan: Nice Nature Home Page  horseracing site (in Japanese)
    Japan: Niigata Racecourse   thoroughbred racetrack with a turf steeplechase course
    Japan: Nitta Horse  horse racing information (in Japanese)
    Japan: Obihiro Racecourse  Ban-ei Keiba racecourse in Hokkaido
    Japan: Ohi Racecourse  dirt course in Sinagawa-ku, Tokyo
    Japan Racing Association (in Japanese)
    Japan Racing Association, Equine Research Institute (in Japanese)
    Japan: Racing Channel  horse racing news (in Japanese)
    Japan Racing Horse Association
    Japan Racing Journal
    Japan: Racing Report  Japanese Horse Racing Information
    Japan: Racing Times  horse racing news (in Japanese)
    Japan: Room of RaceHorse  horseracing results (in Japanese)
    Japan: Saga Racecourse  dirt course in Tosu-shi, Saga
    Japan: Sanjo Racecourse  dirt course in Sanjo-shi, Niigata
    Japan: Sapporo Racecourse  thoroughbred horseracing track in Hokkaido
    Japan: Sistine  the HorseRace of Wonder Project  by A. Kidogu (in Japanese)
    Japan: Sonoda Racecourse  dirt course in Amagasaki-shi, Hyogo
    Japan: Stop!  horse cruelty prevention site (in Japanese)
    Japan: Takasaki Racecourse  dirt course in Takasaki-shi, Gumma
    Japan: That's Urban Dirt  urban dirt racing news and information (in Japanese)
    Japan: Tishi Racing Association (in Japanese)
    Japan: Tokyo Racecourse
    Japan: Uma Ka-Oh! Website  horses for sale from Hokkaido (in Japanese)
    Japan: Uma Links  Japanese horse links directory (in Japanese)
    Japan: Uma-nners  horseracing site (in Japanese)
    Japan: Urawa Racecourse  dirt course in Urawa-shi, Saitama
    Japan: Utsunomiya Racecourse  dirt course in Utsunomiya-shi, Tochigi
    Japan: With Online  links to tracks, betting information, and horse racing sites (in Japanese)
    Japan: World Wide Keiba  horse racing around the world (in Japanese)
    Japan: Yamaguchi University Horseracing Page  horseracing information (in Japanese)
    Japan: Yosei  horse and horseracing FAQ (in Japanese)
    Japan: Yoshikawa Race Course (in Japanese)


    Jordanian Farriers Association

    Kenya: Jockey Club of Kenya  lease a horse in Kenya
    Korea, Republic of

    Korea Racing Association  thoroughbred racing association

    Luxembourg à Cheval a.s.b.l.  Luxembourg on horseback (in German)

    Luxembourg: Amis du Cheval Islandais Luxembourg a.s.b.l. (in German)
    Luxembourg: Association Therapie Equestre  equestrian therapy association (in German)
    Luxembourg: Centre Equestre Pegasus (in German)
    Luxembourg: Centre Equestre Watrange (in German)
    Luxembourg: Club Hippique Beaufort (in German)
    Luxembourg: Fédération des Stud-Books Luxembourgeois   Luxembourg studbook association (in German)
    Luxembourg: Fédération Luxembourgeoise des Sports Equestres   Luxembourg association of equestrian sports (in German)
    Luxembourg: Haflingergestüt Gremling-Dauphin  stud farm (in German)
    Luxembourg: Hippoline  comprehensive Luxembourg equestrian site (in German)
    Luxembourg: Les Amis du Cheval (in German)
    Luxembourg: Lëtzebuerger Studentereider a.s.b.l. (in German)
    Luxembourg: Mounted Games Association Luxembourg (in German)
    Luxembourg: Paerdsfrenn Uelzechtdall Hesper a.s.b.l. (in German)
    Luxembourg: Société Hippique Rurale  (in German)
    Luxembourg: Stud-Book Luxembourgeois du Cheval de Sang a.s.b.l.  Luxembourg blood-horse studbook (in German)
    Luxembourg: Touring Equestre Luxembourg a.s.b.l. (in German)


    Macau Jockey Club  thoroughbred racecourse

    Malta Harness Racing Information

    Mauritius Turf Club  Champ de Mars thoroughbred racetrack

    Mexico: Polo Club Costa Careyes

    Mongolia: Foundation for the preseravtions and the protection of the Przewalski Horse

    Mongolia: Przewalski Horse Reintroduction  reintroduction of Przewalski horses in the Hustain Nuruu reserve
    Mongolia: Takhi  The Mongolian Wild Horse


    Netherlands: American Appaloosa Horse Club Holland (in Dutch)

    Netherlands: Champions  wedden op het juiste paard - horseracing and betting news and information site (in Dutch)
    Netherlands: "De Vlakruiters"  Rij- en Ponyvereniging te Malden - riding and pony association in Malden (in Dutch)
    Netherlands: Drafcentrum Nootdorp Nederlandse drafsite - Dutch trotting racetrack (in Dutch)
    Netherlands: Drafcentrum Wolvega  Nederlandse drafsite - Dutch trotting racetrack (in Dutch)
    Netherlands: Drafsport in Nederland  harness racing in the Netherlands (in Dutch)
    Netherlands: Drafsportvriendenclub "De Hippodromers"  trotter's club "the racectrackers" (in Dutch)
    Netherlands: Dutch Combined Driving Association [Vereniging Samengestelde Wedsrijd Mensport Nederland] (in Dutch)
    Netherlands: Dutch Fjord Horses Studbook [Het Nederlands Fjordenpaarden Stamboek]
    Netherlands: Dutch Trotting and Racing Foundation [Stichting Nederlandse Draf- en Rensport]
    Netherlands: Dutch Welsh Pony and Cob Studbook [Nederlands Welsh Pony en Cob Stamboek]
    Netherlands: Federatie van Nederlandse Rijscholen  Federation of Dutch riding schools (in Dutch)
    Netherlands: Fleurop  sidesaddle club
    Netherlands: Fjord-Net  Fjord-horse registries, virtual studbook, bulletin board, stallions, photo gallery
    Netherlands: Friesch Paarden-Stamboek, Het  The Dutch Friesian Studbook
    Netherlands: Groninger Paarden Stamboek  Groninger horse studbook (in Dutch)
    Netherlands: Hoefnet  "hoof-net" (in Dutch)
    Netherlands: Horses of the Dutch
    Netherlands:  horse database, horse names, chat, breeding info, events
    Netherlands: Koninklijke Nederlandse Federatie van Landelijke Rijverenigingen en Ponyclubs Royal Dutch federation of regional riding & pony clubs (in Dutch)
    Netherlands: Koninklijk Warmbloed Paardenstamboek Nederland  Royal Dutch warmblood horse studbook (in Dutch)
    Netherlands: Nederlandse Bond van Rij- en Jachtverenigingen  Dutch union of riding & hunting associations (in Dutch)
    Netherlands: Nederlandse Hippische Sportbond  Dutch Horseracing Federation (in Dutch)
    Netherlands: Nederlandse Katholieke Bond van Landelijke Rijverenigingen en Ponyclubs  Dutch Catholic union of regional riding assoc. & pony clubs (in Dutch)
    Netherlands: Nederlandse Ruiter Sport Vereniging  Dutch sport riding association (in Dutch)
    Netherlands: Nederlands Stamboek voor IJslandse Paarden  Icelandic Horse Society of The Netherlands (in Dutch)
    Netherlands: Polo Club Wassenaar
    Netherlands: Rensport Prognose  thoroughbred racing handiacpper's page - updated every Sunday (in Dutch)
    Netherlands: Rensport Rubriek  introduction to thoroughbred racing (in Dutch)
    Netherlands: Rijvereniging Harenkarspel  Harenkarspel riding association
    Netherlands: Ruitergilde, Het  The riders' guild
    Netherlands: Stichting Hippisch Centrum Kampen  horseracing federation camp centre (in Dutch)
    Netherlands: Stichting Nederlandse Studentenruiters  federation of Dutch student riders - umbrella organisation of Dutch student riding associations (in Dutch)
    Netherlands: Stichting Recreatie Ruiter  federation of leisure riders (in Dutch)
    Netherlands: Sunnanvindur  vereniging in zuid Nederland voor iedereen die geïnteresseerd is in IJslandse paarden - Icelandic horse association in south Holland (in Dutch)
    Netherlands: Voltige  vaulting in the Netherlands (in Dutch)

    New Zealand

    New Zealand: Arabian Studs in New Zealand  from The Australian Arabian Internet Directory

    New Zealand: Auckland Racing Club

    New Zealand: Auckland Totalisator Consortium  on course totalisator management for the Auckland Regional Racing and Harness Racing Clubs
    New Zealand Bloodstock Limited
    New Zealand: Bruce Perry Bloodstock Limited
    New Zealand: Cambridge Raceway
    New Zealand: Connemara Pony Society of New Zealand
    New Zealand: Counties Racing Club
    New Zealand: Eastern Institute of Technology, Equine Studies

    New Zealand: Engineering and Farrier Directory
    New Zealand: Equine World News Zealand  racing, breeding, showjunping, eventing, polo
    New Zealand: Exposures  New Zealand's most frequently updated horse racing website
    New Zealand: Fayette Park Stud  thoroughbred breeding farm
    New Zealand: Harness Racing New Zealand
    New Zealand: Horsetalk  World Equestrian News
    New Zealand Horses Online  equestrian services: horses for sale, stallion directory, horses wanted, forum, pony clubs...
    New Zealand: International League for the Protection of Horses (NZ)
    New Zealand Jumping Association
    New Zealand: Lower North Arab Horse Club
    New Zealand Polo Association
    New Zealand Racehorse Owners Federation
    New Zealand Racing Conference  New Zealand Thoroughbred Racing
    New Zealand Racing Industry Board
    New Zealand Racing Links  New Zealand's World of Racing Online - free listing service facility for all industry related holders of an email or internet address
    New Zealand Review    horse racing news and information  from Practical Punting Daily
    New Zealand Rodeo Cowboys Association
    New Zealand Standardbred Breeders Association
    New Zealand's Thoroughbred Breeders' Association
    New Zealand TAB  New Zealand's Betting Agency
    New Zealand: Telford Rural Polytechnic, Equine Studies
    New Zealand Thoroughbred Network  Breeding - Sales - Racing - Services
    New Zealand: Trakehner Breeders Association of New Zealand
    New Zealand: Waitemata Riding Club


    Norway: Det Norske Travselskap  Norwegian trotting association (in Norwegian)

    Norway: Fjord Horse International
    Norway: Norska Araberhestforening  Norwegian Arabian horse society (in Norwegian)
    Norway: Norsk Rikstoto  responsible for all horsebetting-services in Norway (in Norwegian)
    Norway: Øvrevoll Galopp  Ovrevoll thoroughbred racetrack (in Norwegian)
    Norway: Real Horsemanship  Disse sidene er laget for alle som er interessert i Horsemanship - site about horsemanship (in Norwegian)

    Norwegian Equestrian Federation [Norges Rytterforbund] (in Norwegian)
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