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Horses 07.09.01

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    Aachenbreed Horse Search Engine

    Akhal-Teke Network
    Association Internationale de Etudiants Cavaliers  International association of student horsemen

    Breeds: American Bashkir Curly  History and Origin of the Breed, Breed Characteristics  from International Museum of the Horse
    Breeds: American Paint Horse: History of the American Paint Horse  from Exceptional Horses
    Breeds: Azteca  Carefully Bred to Meet It's Objective - an introductionfrom Conquistador
    Breeds: Australian Pony  from Australian Pony Stud Book Society
    Breeds: Berber Horse: Das Berberpferd  Eignung und Exterieur - Geschichte und Typisierung (in German)
    Breeds: Bosnian Mountain Horse: Das Bosnische Gebirgspferd  from IG Bosnische Gebirgspferde e.V. (in German)
    Breeds: Boulonnais Horse: Le Cheval de Trait Boulonnais  from le CRRG (in French)
    Breeds: Canadian Horse Breed Description  from Horse Breeds in Canada
    Breeds: Canadian Horses, The  by Tamie Dyck at Black Widow Web Sites
    Breeds: Canadian Horse, The  from Cherry Creek Canadians
    Breeds: Caspian Horse, The  from Performance Horse Network
    Breeds: Cleveland Bay
    Breeds: Connemara: About Connemara Ponies  from American Connemara Pony Society
    Breeds: Connemara Pony, The  from Horses for all
    Breeds: Criollos: Rassestandard der Criollos  description of the Criollo breed (in French)
    Breeds: Eriskay Pony, The  from
    Breeds: Exmoor Pony, The  from
    Breeds: Gotland  introduction from Oklahoma State University
    Breeds of Horses
    Breeds: Icelandic  introduction from Oklahoma State University
    Breeds: Icelandic Horses Breed Characteristics  from Tolt
    Breeds: Icelandic Horse, The  introduction from
    Breeds: Henson: Le cheval Henson  from Le centre Henson-Marquenterre (in French)
    Breeds: Highland Pony, The  Questions & Answers  from Highland Pony Gazette
    Breeds: Lipizzan  introduction from Oklahoma State University
    Breeds: Lipizzan History  from United States Lipizzan Registry
    Breeds: Lusitano - Origins of the Lusitano Horse  from Conquistador
    Breeds: Mangalarga Marchador  Origins, Breed Characteristics, The Gaits, Performance and Versatility  from Conquistador
    Breeds: Missouri Fox Trotter  from Colorado Fox Trotter Horse Association
    Breeds: Morab Horse Official History
    Breeds: Morab's Description
    Breeds: Morgan Horse  introduction from Oklahoma State University
    Breeds: Murgese Horse  from Sao Paolo's Breeding
    Breeds: Newfoundland Pony, The  from HorseWeb
    Breeds: Nokota Horse  from Dale and Holly Offermann
    Breeds: Norwegian Fjord  introduction from Oklahoma State University
    Breeds: Oldenburg Horse  History & Development: History, Nowadays, Famous Oldenburg Horses, Registry in North America
    Breeds: Palomino: What is a Palomino?  from Palomino Exhibitors Association of Ohio

    Breeds: Percheron  History and Origin of the Breed - Breed Characteristics  from International Museum of the Horse
    Breeds: Peruvian Paso Horse - Caballos de Paso Peruano  from Red Científica Peruana Internet-Perú (in Spanish)
    Breeds: Peruvian Paso Horse, The  from Conquistador
    Breeds: Rocky Mountain Horse, The  from Rocky Mountain Horse Association
    Breeds: Shagya  introduction from Oklahoma State University
    Breeds: Shagya  introduction from Horses of the Dutch
    Breeds: Sorraia Horse, The  Endangered in its Homeland and in America, American Treasure, What is a Sorraia?from Conquistador
    Breeds: Spanish Mustangs & Barbs  Conformation and Type in North America, The Variety of Colors, Preservation through Narrow Selection, A History of Decline  from Conquistador
    Breeds: Spanish Norman Horses  from
    Breeds: Suffolk  history from American Suffolk Horse Association

    Breeds: Suffolk Punch  History and Origin of the Breed - Breed Characteristics  from International Museum of the Horse
    Breeds: TakhiThe Mongolian Wild Horse
    Breeds: Takhi  also known as Prsewalski Horse  from Dubbo South High School
    Breeds: Tennessee Walking Horse, The  a synopsis  from Equi-Site
    Breeds: Tennessee Walking Horse: About the Breed  from WHOA
    Breeds: Trakehner  introduction from Oklahoma State University

    Breeds: Trakehner horses  from
    Breeds: Welsh Ponies and Cobs  History & Origin, Growth of breed in America, Types, Significant Welsh Ponies and Cobs from International Museum of the Horse
    Breeds: Welsh Pony and Cob  introduction from Oklahoma State University
    Breeds: Welsh Pony Types   Welsh Mountain Pony, the Welsh pony, the Welsh Pony of Cob type and the Welsh Cob as set down by the Australian Pony Stud Book Society

    Cyberfoal  free service offering breeders a central location, via the Internet to place or acquire nurse mares having lost foals, and foals in need of nurse mares
    Cybersteed  Complete Equine Internet Site
    Dressage: Animated Guide to Dressage
    Dressage: Classical  Question and Answer Articles about Dressage
    Dressage Clinic  riding information and instruction
    Dressage Daily  dressage news, new article every day or so
    Dressage: Halt@X  An online guide to dressage
    Dressage: What is Dressage?  from Oregon Dressage Society
    Endurance and Long Distance Riding International Conference

    Equestrian Times  International Equestrian News Network: latest news, competition results, and information in Show Jumping, Dressage and Three-Day Eventing, from around the world
    Equindex  equine search engine
    Equine Care: Winter Survival Tips  from The Barn Page
    Equine Fact Sheets  from University of Kentucky, Department of Animal Sciences, Equine Extension Program
    Equine Health: Anhidrosis  "dry-coatedness", a horse condition common in tropical climates  from Singapore Equestrian
    Equine Health: Blood Test Available for Hyperkalemic Periodic Paralysis in Quarter Horses  from UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine, Department of Medicine
    Equine Health: Carehorse - Problem horses and horse-psychology
    Equine Health: DNA-based test for horse red factor color gene  from UC Davis
    Equine Health: Equine Disease Modelling  predictive and inferential models biologically meaningful and of use to equine clinicians in the management of disease
    Equine Health: Equine Infectious Anemia  A Status Report on Its Control (1996)  from USDA APHIS Veterinary Services
    Equine Health: Equine Infectious Anemia  from Michigan Department of Agriculture, Animal Industry Division
    Equine Health: FAQs & Information  Genetic Disorders & Diagnostics - Genetic Testing - Red Factor Color Gene - Horse Care & Reproduction  from Exceptional Horses
    Equine Health: Hoofcare & Lamesness  Journal of Equine Foot Science
    Equine Health: Lucky-Horse Homepage  Huf-Problemlösungen und Gesunderhaltung der Hufe - hoof care information site (in German)
    Equine Health: Navicular Syndrome: Shoeing Methods  from Horses for all
    Equine Health: Strangles Information Page  from CSL
    Equine Health: Tetanus Information Page  from CSL
    Equine Medical Research Database  index from Grayson-Jockey Club Research Foundation
    Equine Nutrition and Physiology Society
    Equine Veterinary Update  The Equine Practitioner's Link to Veterinary Research
    Eventing Search search engine designed specifically for horse trials and eventing
    Fákur  Icelandic Horses on the net, gaits, farms...
    Fédération Equestre Internationale  ruling body of the equestrian disciplines of Jumping, Dressage, Three Day Event, Driving, Endurance and Vaulting
    Federation of International Polo  international polo association that organizes tournaments for professionals, amateurs and children
    Horse Care and Management Practices  from Alberta Agriculture, Food and Rural Development
    Horse Care Articles  from Illinois Horse online
    Horse Evaluation System  tool for prediction of jumping performance
    Horse Farm Management  from Henry & Associates
    Horse Genetics  information on horse genetics, gene mapping and horse typing services at the Veterinary Genetics Laboratory, UC Davis
    Horse Information Page  horse links directory: Veterinary Links, Feeds and Feeding, Breeding Information, Colors and Markings, Horseshoeing, Western Events, For Beginners, Dressage...
    Horse Health Care Articles  from Dr. Hamilton
    Horseman Mail List Frequently Asked Questions  about Natural Horsemanship
    Horseman's Advisor  "Helping Thousands of Equestrians, Horse Owners and Veterinarians Every Day" - care, disease, medication, reproduction, training

    Horse Owner's Hoof Care Guide  Daily Care - Weekly Care - Farrier Service Scheduling - Emergency Hoof Care - Keeping Your Farrier Happy - Proper Shoeing - About the Farrier
    Horse Publications  from the Publications Library for the Department of Animal Science at Oklahoma State University
    Horse-Sense Newsletter  newsletter about equine health and care
    HorseWeb  breeders, horse products and services web pages directory
    International Alliance of Equestrian Journalists
    International Association of Equine Dental Technicians
    International Donkey Protection Trust
    International Federation of Horseracing Authorities
    International Federation of Icelandic-Horse Associations
    International League for the Protection of Horses
    International Sporthorse Registry
    International Trotting Association  Dedicated to the World of Harness Racing
    International Vaulting Club
    Miniature Horse Forum  Colour, Feeding, General Health, Worming & Vaccination, Mare & Foal Health, General Care, Breeding Horses, Behavior, Showing and Driving
    Mounted Games  International Organisation
    Mr Horse  international horse news and information site based in Italy
    Polo Bulletin Board
    Pony Club World Wide
    Racing Around the World  country-by-country guide to horse racing  from The Sporting Life
    Shagya.Org  virtual meeting place for Shagya lovers and information seekers  stallion and breeding information: shipped semen program, improving conception rates, selling offspring and ordering breeding supplies
    World Equine Health Network
    Warmblood Horse  "A discussion forum for the issues concerning the owner of the competing warmblood horse"
    World Arabian Horse Organization
    World Equine Health Network
    World Equine Veterinary Association
    World Equine Veterinary Review
    World Haflinger Federation [Welt Haflinger Vereinigung]
    World Horse Net
    World of Arabian Horses On Line
    World of Harness Racing  online harness racing and related horse breeding news
    World-Wide Dressage Register
    World Wide Farrier Directory
    Worldwide Horseman's Directory  "The Largest Directory of Horse Related Interests on the Web"
    World Wide Warmbloods  Sport Horse Information from around the world
    Working Together for Equines  education and  training in humane care and management of equidae

    Argentina: Asociación Argentina de Criadores de Caballos Arabes

    Argentina: Asociación Argentina de Polo  Argentine polo association (in Spanish)
    Argentina: Carriage Driving in Argentina [Grupo de Conductores de Ataljes Deportivos]
    Argentina: Club Alemán de Equitación  riding club in Buenos Aires (in Spanish)

    Argentina: Club Hípico General San Martín  riding club in Buenos Aires (in Spanish)
    Argentina: Equine Slaughter Statistics by month  by year
    Argentina: Equinos Argentinos  Thoroughbred - Quarter Horse - Arabian (in Spanish)
    Argentina: Hipódromo Argentina de Palermo  racetrack in Palermo section of Buenos Aires (in Spanish)
    Argentina: PoloNet Argentina  monthly online publication with local polo news
    Argentina: Revista Palermo  horseracing information
    Argentina: Stud Book Argentino  from Jockey Club (in Spanish)
    Argentine Racing and Breeding Statistics  Updated Monthly from Argentine Thoroughbred Racing Connection
    Argentine Thoroughbred Racing Connection  thoroughbred industry in Argentina; buy/sell bulletin board


    Australasian Przewalski's Horse Captive Management Plan

    Australasian Warmblood Friesian Association
    Australia: 2KY Racing Radio
    Australia: AAP Racing News
    Australia: Alexander Park  dedicated to breeding sporthorses of Trakehner breeding
    Australia: Andalusian Horse Association of Australasia
    Australia: Arabian Racing in Australia
    Australia: AusHorse Equestrian  photos, news
    Australia: Auzform  Asutralian & New Zealand Racing
    Australia: Belcam Stud  breeding programme
    Australia: Cyberhorse  Asutralian Internet site devoted to horses and where to find horse related material on the Internet
    Australia: Cleveland Bay Horse Society of Australasia
    Australia: Darwin All Sports, Australian Horse Race Meetings  updated daily
    Australia: Endurance Riding In Australia
    Australia: Equestrian Federation of Australia
    Australia: Equine Oz  Asutralian horse industry publication
    Australia: Equine World Australia  racing, breeding, showjunping, eventing, polo
    Australia: Go Geelong Racing  racehorse owning syndicate
    Australia: Golden Slipper, The  1,200 metres, run at Rosehill Gardens on the Saturday prior to Easter each year  from Hats's DownUnder HorseRacing
    Australia: Harness-net  Harness Racing in Australia
    Australia: Harness Racing in Australia
    Australia: Hats's DownUnder HorseRacing  Australia's horseracing world including handicapping service
    Australia: Horse Magazine
    Australia: Horsemart Australia  Information and Classifieds
    Australia: Horse Racing Australia
    Australia: Irish Draught and Sport Horse Society Australia
    Australia: King Estate International  breeders of the Purebred Arabian Horse
    Australia: Melbourne Cup, The  first Tuesday in November  from Hats's DownUnder HorseRacing
    Australia: Montbrae Arabian Horse Stud & Pedigree Service

    Australia: Percheron Horse Breeder Association
    Australia: Performance Horse Network  Performance Horse Breeds - The Caspian Horse - Natural Horsemanship
    Australia: Peruvian Paso Horse Registry of Australia
    Australia: Practical Punting Daily  24-hour internet racing newspaper

    Australia: Racenet  horse racing information
    Australia:  Racing news
    Australia: Racing Services Bureau  official recording centre for the Australian Thoroughbred Racing Industry
    Australia: Rare and Minority Breeds of Horses in Australia

    Australia: Rural Industries Research & Development Corporation, Equine Research and Development Program
    Australia: Sky Channel Racing Information  meetings, news, tips, jockeys, trainers, thoroughbred tracks
    Australia: Southcoast Database  "Australasia's complete Database for horse racing in Australia and New Zealand"
    Australia: Tabcorp Racing  betting on thoroughbred, harness and greyhound races at a TAB outlet
    Australia: Tasmanian TAB  horserace betting organisation
    Australia: The Age @ The Races  racing news from The Age
    Australia: Thoroughbred Racing Club Limited
    Australia: Thoroughbred Pedigrees and Breeding  Breeding News and Articles
    Australia: Winform Racing Club  making tax free money from racing
    Australia: Winning Post  racing newspaper
    Australian Arabian Horse Pages
    Australian Arabian Internet Directory
    Australian Capital Territory Endurance Riders Association
    Australian Dressage
    Australian Endurance Riders Association
    Australian Equine Veterinary Association
    Australian Event Horse Centre
    Australian Friesian Horse Society
    Australian Harness Racing Council
    Australian Horse Net Service
    Australian Horse Resources  non-commercial directory of Australian equestrian web sites and internet activites
    Australian Jockey Club  home of Australia's major Derby - Sydney Racing
    Australian Network Racing  Australian Horse Racing Action
    Australian Pony Council
    Australian Pony Stud Book Society
    Australian Performance Trakehner Association
    Australian Racing Board
    Australian Racing and Breeding Homepage
    Australian Stud Book

    Australian Thoroughbred Breeders Club

    Australia-A.C.T.: National Equestrian Centre

    Australia-A.C.T.: Vaulting at Kerrabee
    Australia-A.C.T.: Wamboin Pony Club


    Australia-NSW: Canterbury Park  race track near Sydney

    Australia-NSW: Charles Sturt University, Equine Centre
    Australia-NSW: Newcastle International Paceway  harness racetrack in Broadmeadow, home of Newcastle Harness Racing Club
    Australia: NSW Polo Association
    Australia: NSW Pony Club Association
    Australia: NSW Pony Club Association  alternate site

    Australia-NSW: Race TAB  latest betting options, live prices, and up to the minute information on galloping, greyhound and harness racing
    Australia-NSW: Randwick Bloodstock Agency  in Sydney
    Australia-NSW: Rosehill Gardens Racecourse
    Australia-NSW: Sydney Turf Club  race track
    Australia-Northern Territories

    Australia-Northern Territories: Darwin Turf Club  thoroughbred horse racing at Fannie Bay Racecourse

    Australia-Queensland: Ipswich Racecourse  thoroughbred racetrack

    Australia-Queensland: Pony Club Association of Queensland
    Australia-Queensland: Sunshine Coast Turf Club  Corbould Park Racecourse
    Australia-Queensland: TAB Queensland  racing and betting information, betting over the internet
    Australia-Queensland: Young Riders in Queensland

    Australia-South Australia

    Australia-South Australia: Cheltenham Park Racecourse  thoroughbred racetrack
    Australia-South Australia: Department of Education, Training and Employment, TAFE SA, Horse Studies
    Australia-South Australia: Morphettville Racecourse  thoroughbred racetrack
    Australia: South Australian Thoroughbred Racing Authority

    Australia-South Australia: Oakbank Racing Club thoroughbred racetrack
    Australia-South Australia: Victoria Park  thoroughbred racetrack in Adelaide


    Australia-Victoria: Box Hill Institute, Certificate II in Horse Studies
    Australia-Victoria: Donkey Society of  Victoria
    Australia-Victoria: East Gippsland Institute of TAFE, Certificate 2 in Horse Studies

    Australia: Victorian Endurance Riders Association
    Australia-Victoria: Flemington Racecourse  thoroughbred ractrack, home of the Victoria Racing Club
    Australia: Victoria Harness Racing Club Inc.
    Australia-Victoria: Harness Racing Victoria  principal body responsible for the conduct of harness racing in the state of Victoria
    Australia-Victoria: Moonee Valley Racing Club  thoroughbred racetrack
    Australia-Victoria: Pony Club Association of Victoria
    Australia-Victoria: Racing Victoria

    Australia-Victoria: Turf Rate  professionally accessed markets and selections covering Melbourne's Metropolitan racing Saturday, Public Holidays and Midweek
    Australia-Victoria: University of Melbourne, Institute of Land and Food Resources, Equine Management
    Australia-Western Australia

    Australia-Western Australia: Bunbury Turf Club  thoroughbred racetrack

    Australia-Western Australia: Gloucester Park  harness racetrack, home of the Western Australian Trotting Association

    Australia-Western Australia: Goodwood Bloodstock Agency  in Belmont
    Australia-Western Australia: Midland College, Equine Studies
    Australia: Western Australian Turf Club  Ascot and Belmont thoughbred race tracks
    Australia-Western Australia: OzBet  horserace online betting site
    Australia-Western Australia: Pony Club Association of Western Australia


    Austria: Gestüt Stormont  Stormont stud farm

    Austria: Haflinger Horse Breeders Association of Tyrol [Haflinger Pferdezuchtverband Tirol]
    Austria: Islandpferde Reitsportclub Tirol  Tyrol Islandic horse sportriding club (in German)
    Austria: Landesfachverband für Reiten und Fahren in Niederoesterreich  regional riding association in lower Austria (in German)
    Austria: Lipizzan Museum  exhibitions to document the history of the Lipizzans from its founding moments up to their dramatic evacuation at the eve of World War II
    Austrian Missouri Foxtrotting Horse Breed Association [Österreichischer Verband der Missouri Foxtrotter Züchter]  (in German)
    Austrian Westernriding & Breeding Assoc. (in German)
    Austria: Noriker, Der  Original österreichisches Kaltblutpferd - original Austrian coldblood horse (in German)

    Austria: Pferdeforum  Pferdesport in Österreich - horse-related information in Austria (in German)
    Austria: Quo Vadis Austria  Racing Information Service (in German)
    Austria:  die Welt des Pferdesports - the world of equestrian sports (in German)
    Austria: Reitclub Schloss Ebreichsdorf  Ebreichsdorf castle riding club in Lower Austria (in German)
    Austria: Reitgut Schloss Niederabsdorf  Niederabsdorf castle riding stable in Weinviertel (in German)
    Austria: Reit- und Zuchtstall Pellendorf  Pellendorf riding and breeding stable in Weinviertel (in German)
    Austria: Reitverein Freudenau  Freudenau Riding Association in Vienna
    Austria: Riding side-saddle  Reiten im Damensattel
    Austria: Spanish Riding School Vienna [Die Spanische Reitschule zu Wien]

    Austria: Tillysburg Equine Veterinary Hospital [Pferdeklinik Tillysburg] (in German)
    Austria: Trabrennverein zu Baden bei Wien  Baden (near Vienna) trotting association (in German)
    Austria: Vereinigung für Rai-Reiten  "Rai"-riding organisation - a riding style that avoids hurting the horse in any way (in German)
    Austria: Wiener Trabrenn Verein  Viennese trotting association (in German)


    Barbados Thoroughbred Breeders Association

    Barbados Turf Club  thouroughbred race track


    Belgian Fjord Horses Studbook [Belgisch Fjordenpaardstamboek] (in Dutch)

    Belgian Highland Pony Society (in Dutch)
    Belgian Warmblood Horses [Belgisch Warmbloed Paard v.z.w.] (in Dutch)
    Belgian Junior Riders Online
    Belgium: Agris, Aperçu des races de chevaux  Races & associations d'élevage officiellement agréées en Belgique -General survey of horse breeds (in French)
    Belgium: Amazones de Belgique, Les  Belgian sidesaddle organisation
    Belgium: Arabian Horse Guide  farmers, trainers, for sale, at stud
    Belgium: Arabian Horse Racing Club of Belgium (in French)
    Belgium: Association Belge du Cheval de Pure Race Espagnole  Belgian purebred Spanish horse association (in Dutch and French)
    Belgium: Association Belge pour la Promotion et l’Elevage du Cheval Camargue  Belgian Camargue horse association (in French)
    Belgium: Association Régionale de Tourisme Equestre de la Province de Hainaut (in French)
    Belgium: Association Régionale de Tourisme Equestre de la Province de Liège   (in French)
    Belgium: Association Régionale de Tourisme Equestre de la Province de Luxembourg (in French)
    Belgium: Association Régionale de Tourisme Equestre de la Province de Namur (in French)
    Belgium: Association Régionale de Tourisme Equestre du Brabant Wallon (in French)
    Belgium: Drafsport in Belgie  trotting in Belgium(in Dutch)
    Belgium: Equi-Info  horses and poneys in Belgium
    Belgium: Fédération Equestre de la Communauté française de Belgique   (in French)
    Belgium: Fédération Francophone d'Equitation   francophone horseriding association (in French)
    Belgium: Fédération Interrégionale des Sports Équestres Francophone   (in French)
    Belgium: Commission Votige de la FFE belge  Belgian vaulting commission (in French)
    Belgium: Dressuurcommissie van de Kempische Regionale  Kempische Regionale ~ Dressage (in Dutch)
    Belgium: Haras Privés de Belgique  Belgium private stud farms group (in Dutch)
    Belgium: Hippo News  revue belge francophone d'équitation et d'attelage - Belgian francophone horseriding and stable magazine (in French)
    Belgium: Horsis  Apperçu des races de chevaux - horse breeds overview including directory of horse breed associations in Belgium (in French)
    Belgium: Icelandic Horses Society of Belgium [Belgisch Stamboek voor de Ijslandse pony] (in Dutch)
    Belgium: Landelijke Rijverenigingen  Landelijke riding association (in Dutch)
    Belgium: Poney Club de Belgique (in French)
    Belgium: Poney Club de Buisseret (in French)
    Belgium: Royal Belgian Equestrian Federation [Fédération Royale Belge des Sports Equestres]  (in Dutch and French)

    Belgium: Schelderuiters Bornem  Icelandic horse riding club (in Dutch)
    Belgium: Shagan Le Monde Du Cheval  Shagan the world of the horse (in French)
    Belgium: Stoeterij Everaert  Everaert stud farm
    Belgium: Studbook Zangersheide
    Belgium: Voltige en Cercle  Belgian vaulting association (in French)
    Belgium: VRT Paardenwedrennen  inschrijvingen, koersuitslagen en commentaren via teletekst - horseracing results via teletext(in Dutch)

    Brazil: Academia do Cavalo  horse academy (in Portuguese)
    Brazil: Albatroz Bloodstock Agency  in Rio de Janeiro
    Brazil: Associação Brasileira do Cavalo Paint  Brazilian paint horse association (in Portuguese)
    Brazil: Associação Brasileira de Criadores Cavalo Pura Raça Espanhola  Brazilian pure Spanish breed horse breeders association (in Portuguese)
    Brazil: Associação Brasileira de Criadores de Cavalo Quarto de Milha  Brazilian Quarter horse breeders association (in Portuguese)
    Brazil: Associação Brasileira de Criadores de Cavalos Appaloosa  Brazilian Appaloosa's Breeders Association
    Brazil: Associação Brasileira de Criadores de Cavalos Crioulos  Brazilian creole horse breeders association (in Portuguese)
    Brazil: Associação Brasileira dos Cavaleiros de Hipismo Rural  Brazilian association for rural horseracing (in Portuguese)
    Brazil: Associação Brasileira dos Criadores do Cavalo Árabe  Brazilian Arabian horse breeders association (in Portuguese)
    Brazil: Associação Brasileira dos Criadores do Cavalo de Hipismo  Brazilian racehorse breeders association (in Portuguese)
    Brazil: Associação Brasileira dos Criadores do Cavalo Mangalarga Marchador  Brazilian Mangalarga Marchador breeders association (in Portuguese)
    Brazil: Associação Brasileira dos Criadores do Cavalo Puro Sangue Lusitano  Brazilian pure-bllod Lusitanor breeders association (in Portuguese)
    Brazil: Cavalos Raças  horse breed descriptions (in Portuguese)
    Brazil: Centro de Treinamento de Enduro Califórnia  endurance training center (in Portuguese)
    Brazil: Centro Hípico Corumi  equestrian center (in Portuguese)
    Brazil: Confederação Brasileira de Hipismo  Brazilian horseracing confederation (in Portuguese)
    Brazil: Cyber Horse  WWW publication about equestrian teams in Brazil (in Portuguese)
    Brazil: Enduro Online  WWW publication about endurance riding in Brazil (in Portuguese)
    Brazil: Equiserv Brasil  horse information, Egyptian Empire studs, events, world rankings (in Portuguese)
    Brazil: Escola de Equitação do Exército  equestrian school of the Brazilian military (in Portuguese)
    Brazil: Escola de Equitação da Sociedade Hípica de Brasíliaequestrian school of the Brazilian horseracing society (in Portuguese)
    Brazil: Federação Paulista de Hipismo  Sao Paolo horseriding association (in Portuguese)
    Brazil: Hipismo Brasil  horseracing in Brazil (in Portuguese)
    Brazil: HorseNet Brasil
    Brazil: Indice de Reprodutores e Haras Mangalarga  Mangalarga breeder and stud farm directory
    Brazil: Pró-Equus  Brazilian horseriding site
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