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New Jersey

We are located in Sayreville, which is in central NJ.

Recording  from $33 per hour! (732) 721-6245

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Don't let our low price fool you.
This private, friendly,  project
studio produces exceptional sound!

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Every Day Low Price $33/hr!

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What's New?
Pro Tools....a hot rodded mac!  Still running Cubase and tape too!

Attention bass players, I have always been happy with the Sansamp Tech 21 DI but now having added the Avalon U5 DI for bass allows a sound pallette from aggression and growl to big fat warm but articulated bass with out the mud. Lovely!

BAREFOOT is recording bands wanting to capture that live feel. We can record a full drum kit, bass, 2 guitars a stereo keyboard and scratch vocals all live together in the same space yet maintain total isolation among the instruments. Later, any or all can be individually replaced without bleed problems. All while providing pristine signal paths for everyone, delivering a fat warm tone.

Some bands may prefer to record their tracks at their personal studio and then mix at Barefoot. In most cases we can provide a more beefy sound. Call about file compatability.

Award winning NEUMANN, AKG, CAD, & Shure mics +Neve, Trident, and Avalon mic pre-amps! Soundcraft Ghost 32 channel, 8 bus console! Recognized  for its smooth, warm mic pres and musical EQ, this console has proven to be my best investment yet.

Recording  to Cubase /Pro Tools with redundant drives and DTRS tape backup. This gives you the rock solid reliability of tape while having all the flexibility of computer editing!!! Pitch and timing correction with the superior sound of a well regarded analog console.

Lexicon, t.c.electronic, Yamaha  and Alesis reverbs, Joe Meek, Drawmer, Trident, Ashley and Neve compressors, vintage Fender & Mesa Boogie guitar amps and much more,..

Hi. I'm Steve. I have been engineering multi-track recordings since 1983. I am also a gifted musician and can assist you with your production. - no extra charge.

I know music and can help you sound your best. Making music sound good is what I'm about.       

Feel free to contact me for a free demonstration of what I do here. Also, be sure to ask me about free set up for basic tracks!

Call me at (732) 721-6245.


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Email barefootsteve@erols.com

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