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Our Next, Valentine's Day Massacre and Banjofest 2003

Will take place 14-16 February 2003. at Allenberry.

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St. Valentine's Day Massacre and Banjofest 2002

Annually, BBA hosts the St. Valentine's Day Massacre and Banjofest at the Allenbery Resort Hotel in Boiling Springs, PA. A *FULL* weekend of tenor and plectrum banjo! ...workshops, jams, afternoon massacre as well as evening shows, display area {free table space to all who have something to sell}, evening banquet and of course.. door prizes! Thursday evening dinner and jamming this year happened at the new Player's Club in the basement of the Allenberry main building . It has become the early bird kick off for the weekend's activities.

This year's headliner added an international flavor to our event. Juergen Kulus from Stuttgart, Germany, joined us and shared his talents on both the tenor and plectrum banjo. His performance featured tunes by Harry Reser and Pete Mandell to mention only a few. Juergen's workshop gave us insights into the Reser Style of playing, including a superb display of Reser's use of the pentatonic scale.

A special highlight of Juergen's performances was that they were done on two very special Gibson Banjos, which belonged to Harry Reser. We were all quite priveleged to see and hear them.

  Here some of the 'moments' from our

  2002 St. Valentines Day Massacre and Banjofest

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  Juergen Kulus, our 2002 Headliner, with two very special banjos, formerly owned by Harry Reser, PB-500, and TB-500.




The BBA ""Aggregation"" Kicked off the Friday and Saturday evening shows.

(Time corrected image available on later pages)





Fred and Gale provided accompaniment for Juergen...

Fred or Drew?? hmmmmm






Workshops started Friday afternoon and included skills of basic banjo construction followed by a factory tour and an outing with the enitre plant staff. Note the pot hoop for Gale's cello banjo underfoot to the right of the picture below.

Then Al Smith (the guy in the hat, below) gave instruction on how to hold the banjer,

while Wayne and Gil, far left below, taught resonator ala frisbee tossing

as Brad, Jim and Chuck perched atop the unhewn banjos supervised.

(old pics courstesy of Rick Tipple, owner Richelieu Banjos, from C.C. Richelieu's scrapbook)




BBA's 'Aggregation', in its Kick off Role for both the Friday and Saturday concerts.





"The Linville Hotel House band, with Watergap-like faces and instruments. Watergap was formed the night of our very first gathering at Allenberry 13 years ago. (only Mike has aged)...Keep it up guys. (do you remember when Mike had no gray hair, and Bob had ....)



The Philadelphia Banjo Society, opening the 2nd half of the Saturday night show.




Chuck out on parole from gaitorville, and back in his traditional role as MC.




Alice playing that 'puter board, better than many do on the banjo board. view larger image...right mouse button.. "view image

 More pictures to follow later.. UNDER CONTSTRUCTION!!!

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