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19100 Montgomery Village Ave. 
Montgomery Village, MD 20886 
Voice 800/266-7923 
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Kevin Atkinson, CEO

Atkinson & Webb, Inc. was formed by Kevin Atkinson, C.E.O. to meet the unique needs of franchise owners. This is not a sideline for our agency as it is with so many others. Senior management has years of experience in the franchise industry and in working with the International Franchise Association (IFA). By combining this knowledge with a total understanding of the insurance industry, comprehensive programs can be implemented at a lower cost to the insured. 

The key is to use the buying power of the franchisees combined to negotiate special pricing with the major insurance companies on the market today. By participating in the sponsored program, you will be assuring competitive rates and increased coverage in the future. 


The need for quality insurance services is experienced by every franchisee. Our insurance services will be comprehensive, yet personal so that your franchisees will have the advantages of a group program combined with the comfort of receiving personal attention. 

In addition to the Life, Health, Disability, Dental, Retirement Programs, and Property & Casualty - our services include the following: 

  • TOLL FREE number for easy communication 1-800-266-7923. 
  • Expedient policy delivery 
  • Franchisor sponsored group property and casualty insurance programs 
  • Error and omissions programs 
  • Life insurance for estate conservation, buy - sell, and key man or key woman 
  • Development of re-insured off-shore captives and alternative risk funding 
  • Qualified and non-qualified annuities 
  • Bonds 
  • Travel accident insurance programs 
  • International insurance plans 
  • Safety engineering programs 
  • Risk management services 

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