Cyndi's List of Genealogy Sites on the Internet  As far as I know, this is the largest collection of genealogy-related links on the web. It is very nicely organized in categories and constantly updated. A great starting point for research.
 The Genealogy Home Page  Another excellent, comprehensive collection of links.
 A Barrel of Genealogy Links  Still another fine group of links.
 Genealogy Gateway to the Web  A very comprehensive set of genealogy links.  A wide-ranging resource for online genealogy, including message boards, advice, and, for a fee, a superb online library of genealogical resources, including rare books and articles.
 FamilySearch Internet Genealogy Service  The search gateway to the massive Latter Day Saints genealogy database; an excellent place to search for names of ancestors.
 Notable Women Ancestors  An excellent site established to tell the stories of women ancestors who are notable for their accomplishments in particular fields or for the examples they set as individuals. I include this site here particularly because Elizabeth Hooton, a Strawbridge ancestor, has her own page at this site under "Religious Leaders."
 History of the Strawbridges from Northwestern Pennsylvania  An excellent family web site with a self-explanatory title. As of now, there are no known links between these Strawbridges and the Eastern Pennsylvania and Maryland ones discussed here.
 Strawbridge Web Page of Matthew Strawbridge  An interesting site created by a Strawbridge from England, with some fine discussion of the origins of the Strawbridge name.
 Cecil County Historical Society  The historical society of Cecil County, Maryland, where the early Strawbridges lived. This site has some research aids and other useful information.
 The Van Sise Genealogy Forum  A forum about the Van Sises, one of whom married George Strawbridge, 1814-1862.
 The Maris Genealogy Home Page  An excellent site with information about the Marises, who were ancestors of John Welsh, the father-in-law of one of the George Strawbridges.
 The Gilpin Family Genealogy Forum  A forum from with messages relating to Gilpins.
 The Ledyard Family Genealogy Forum  A forum for Ledyards. This forum was new in December 1999.
 The Sailer Family Genealogy Forum  A forum from with messages about Sailer family history, with messages beginning in December 1999.
 The Strawbridge Family Genealogy Forum  A forum from with Strawbridges messages; this forum was new in December 1999.
 Strawbridge Family E-mail Group  Follow this link to join an e-mail group concentrating on Strawbridge genealogy.  This is an excellent commercial site that lets you search for, and purchase, used and out-of-print books. I have found several excellent books of family history through this and similar sites. Try searching for your family name as part of a book title and see what turns up.
 Library of Congress American Memory Search  This site lets you enter search terms to locate full-text documents in the Library of Congress's growing collection of on-line items. For example, if you enter the search terms "Gilpin Washington," you will discover numerous letters between George Washington and one of the Gilpins. There also are some letters between Thomas Jefferson and a Gilpin. There undoubtedly are other items of interest to various Strawbridge relatives.


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