Sarah "Sally" Broadwater, wife of a Holden, (or Halden, or Hallden, or Holdren)

Sarah "Sally" Broadwater, daughter of Cornelius Broadwater and Mary (Piper) Broadwater, married a Holden (or Halden, or Hallden, or Holdren). Amos Broadwater, Sr., reported in 1891 that his Aunt Sally and husband had "moved from Loudoun County, Va., to Bedford County, Va., and have not been heard from for many years. They had a large family of sons and daughters," but their number and names are not now known. A few years previous, Cephas Moore wrote that Sally's brother Charles Broadwater "went to See Her once. She lived in Bedford, Va. He went S of Lexington East Va. They afterward went to Alabama." Cephas added, "Her Son Morrel Halden came back to Md. Once to see His relatives."

With the advent of the Internet, queries about this family have been posted in Bedford County, VA, and in Alabama.

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