Mary Warnick, wife of Elijah Howell

Mary Warnick was born in 1794, daughter of Joseph Warnick and Sarah. She married Elijah Howell who was born in 1782. The license was dated 9/6/1809. Elijah was the son of William Howell and wife, Mary, who were pioneers of western Maryland.

Elijah Howell was listed as head of a household in the 1810 census, close by his father's household. When the elder Howell died, Elijah was the executor of the estate, which was distributed 10/15/1811. In his will, which was made in 1807, William Howell named his wife, Mary; sons Elijah, Levi, Peter, James, and David; and daughters Catherine wife of Benjamin Fields, Anna wife of John McNeil, Phebe wife of James Stagg, and Susannah wife of Benjamin Brain. The two witnesses to the will were William's neighbors George and Jacob Fazenbaker. The estate contained Military Lots 3876 and 3916 which are separated from Joseph Warnick's property by only a few hundred yards. The two lots and all other property were willed to William's wife Mary during her lifetime and, thence, to son Elijah. The other children received five shillings each.

The Elijah Howell family may have been living in Pennsylvania in 1812, for the second oldest child, William, was born in that state that year, according to subsequent census records. The next six children were born between 1814 and 1829 in Maryland; the 1820 Maryland census lists the family in Allegany County.

The family was living in the Short Creek Township, Harrison County, Ohio, at the time of the 1830 census. (Harrison County lies in eastern Ohio about 50 miles west of Pittsburgh, PA.) The youngest child was born in Ohio in 1833. In 1840 and again in 1850, the family was located in German Township, Harrison County, Ohio.

In 1841, Joseph Warnick's estate was taken to court to facilitate sale of the real estate, and Mary and Elijah received their share while still living in Ohio.

On 3/11/1841, Elijah and Mary appeared before a judge of the court of common pleas in Harrison County, to sign the deed to the two Maryland lots Elijah had inherited from his parents. Elijah and Mary received $325 for the 100 acres of land. The deed, recorded in Allegany County, MD, indicates that Elijah and Mary made their marks on the documents, rather than signing them. The land was sold to Jacob Miller of John who in that same year purchased other land from members of the Warnick family.

Mary died 9/11/1863, age 68. Elijah died 6/27/1871, age 89

Children of Elijah Howell and Mary (Warnick): Joseph Howell (born 6/24/1811 in Maryland), William Howell (born in 1812 in Pennsylvania), Mary Howell (born in 1814 in Maryland), James Howell (born in 1819 in Maryland), John Howell (born in 1821 in Maryland), Samuel Howell (born in 1824 in Maryland), a daughter (born in 1827 in Maryland), Lorenzo Howell (born in 1829 in Maryland) and David Howell (born in 1833 in Ohio).

Of these children, descendants of only William Howell are known, and even these records are sparse. What little information is known is presented in the second edition of my book, Warnick Families of Western Maryland (535 pages, 1995), which is available at the Genealogical Society of Allegany County, the library of Allegany College, and the Library of Congress. My collection of information about the western Maryland Warnick family is in a constant state of refinement. Inquiries about western Maryland Warnick families are welcome.

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