John Fazenbaker and Mary "Polly" (Atkinson)

John Fazenbaker was presumably born about the early 1790s, son of George Fazenbaker.

Western Maryland historian Charles E. Hoye reported that John married in Ohio and had two children. John's wife was Mary "Polly" Atkinson. Marriage records of Coshocton County, OH, show that they were married on 12/4/1818.

He was still in Coshocton County in 1820, for in the federal census of that year he was head of a household there; the surname was spelled Fasenbaker. The household contained one male age 26 to 45 (John), one female age 16 to 26 (presumably John's wife Mary), and two females under age 10 (perhaps John's daughters). John was engaged in commerce, but not agriculture.

No further record of John or his family has been found. Specifically, a book of marriages in Coshocton County listed no other Fazenbakers, a recent book of Coshocton County cemetery markers records no Fazenbakers, and John's name is not found in any other federal census for Ohio, the surrounding states or states westward of Ohio.

Nothing more is known about descendants of John Fazenbaker and Mary (Atkinson), but their kin are identified in my draft book, The Fazenbaker Family of Western Maryland, which was issued in May 1999. It has 500 pages of text, plus detailed references, an every name index, a number of photos and maps, being in all 853 pages. The book is available for sale. Interested parties should contact me by e-mail for ordering information. Soon, the Fazenbaker book will be available for reference at the Ruth Enlow Library in Grantsville, Maryland and the Library of Congress. Inquiries about western Maryland Fazenbaker families are welcome.

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