Jane "Ginny" Warnick, wife of William Robinson"

Jane "Ginny" Warnick was a daughter of Joseph Warnick and Sarah. She married William Robinson. The license was dated 6/11/1806. The ceremony was performed by the Rev. William Shaw on 7/7/1806.

Ceph Moore wrote in 1886, "William Robinson lived on the onion patch. His wife were a Warnick, Jinnie Warnick. She died on onion patch."

Although all of Joseph's other children were named in various court proceedings to settle his estate in the 1840s, Ginny was not. By that time one of Ginny's brothers was living on the property known as the Onion Patch. The last-known public record to mention her was her father's 1819 will.

There is no evidence that William Robinson and Ginny (Warnick) left any descendants. Many of Ginny's Warnick kin are identified in the second edition of my book, Warnick Families of Western Maryland (535 pages, 1995), which is available at the Genealogical Society of Allegany County, the library of Allegany College, and the Library of Congress. My collection of information about the western Maryland Warnick family is in a constant state of refinement. Inquiries about western Maryland Warnick families are welcome.

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