Elizabeth Warnick, wife of James N. Ross

Elizabeth "Betsy" Warnick was born 3/4/1791, daughter of Joseph Warnick and Sarah. She and James N. Ross obtained a marriage license on 9/2/1813 or 9/2/1814. James was a brother of Keziah Ross who married Elizabeth's brother Samuel Warnick. James and Keziah were children of William Ross.

When William Ross died about 1812, his estate was distributed to Robert Ross, Henry Ross, Joseph Ross, Samuel Warnick, Alexander Ross and James N. Ross. These appear to be the sons and son-in-law of William Ross. We know from 1810 tax records that William Ross owned several pieces of property. Two of the parcels were Military Lots 3848 and 3849 which were located about 1 1/2 miles from land owned by the pioneer Joseph Warnick.

A document entitled "Moore History Written by Ceph Moore in 1886" contains a brief reference to this couple: "Old Mrs. Amos Broadwater went to school first to old Mr. John Leach and next to old Mr. Benjamine Braidy & some to old Mr. James Ross that married Betsy Warnick. This Mr. Ross were called Wormey Jim Ross." Evidently, James Ross was a schoolteacher.

Concerning this couple, the following account was written in 1841 when the estate of the pioneer Joseph was being settled following his wife's death: "Elizabeth Ross and her husband James Ross have since separated, the said Elizabeth resides in Allegany County, Maryland, and the said James Ross resides in the State of Ohio."

Information collected by the Ross family historian states that James' brother Alexander also went to Ohio. James N. Ross was not listed in Elizabeth's household in the 1840 census, so the separation occurred before then. (Neither Elizabeth nor James was found in the 1830 census.) In 1844 it was written that "Elizabeth Ross who still lives has children and are now living in Allegany county."

The 1850 census listed Elizabeth as head of a household including John Ross age 24, Mary Ross age 27, William Ross age 22, and Elizabeth Ross age 4. We know that William Ross was a son of Elizabeth but there is no further information concerning the family relationships of the others. One might speculate that John was another son; Mary could just as easily have been either a daughter or the wife of John or William. Subsequent census and other records indicate that John married Elizabeth Michael on 11/16/1852 and had children Jane (b-1866) and Sampson (b-1867). There may have been other children of Elizabeth.

Elizabeth died 4/24/1868.

Elizabeth's daughter Elizabeth Warnick died young and left no known descendants. Elizabeth and James N. Ross' son William Ross left descendants, some of whom are identified in the second edition of my book, Warnick Families of Western Maryland (535 pages, 1995), which is available at the Genealogical Society of Allegany County, the library of Allegany College, and the Library of Congress. My collection of information about the western Maryland Warnick family is in a constant state of refinement. Inquiries about western Maryland Warnick families are welcome.

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