Tips For Beginning Genealogists

Lorna Duane Smith, author of Genealogy Is More Than Charts

Get in touch with the oldest members of your family, and ask them to assist you in writing the story of the family, so memories will not be forgotten.

Begin with a problem you need resolved, a photo or story you need verified, the whereabouts of the family Bible.

Ask permission to tape-record interviews, camera-copy portraits and albums whenever possible.

Make copies of everything, storing negatives and papers in acid-free containers.

Fill in the data on 2 kinds of charts: a 4-generation chart, and a one-family chart to show all of each couple’s children.

Record with those charts, where you found the information, so it may be checked later if necessary….(Document)

After determining the area of your ancestry, turn to the books and records dealing with its history and the lives of your family…census, military, immigration, vocation, church, cemetery.

Seek help from the local genealogical society and library. See what others have written as their family history under call # 929.2

Locate the nearest Family History Center by contacting your local Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

Purchase a copy of Genealogy Is More Than Charts and study Chapter 12 and Chapter 13.