Rewards of Genealogy

1. I want to understand the lifestyle of the families in which my parents grew up, as it related to their goals for me.

2. I want our children to realize that they are a composite of many ancestors who came before them.

3. We owe our very existence to our ancestors, so we don’t want them to be forgotten.

4. In seeing the diversity of my background, I better understand the complexity of the individual personality.

5. Unlike skiers and golfers, genealogists need no special equipment…just a notebook, pencil and motivation.

6. I feel an urgency to visit the older folks, and suffer much regret when death gets there before I do.

7. I enjoy assuring my older kin of their valuable contribution at a time when they may feel useless and forgotten.

8. When I am allowed to tape-record memories, I know they will become more valuable later on.

9. Now all of the antiques become part of our research with stories of their own.

10. I try to break down some of the barriers that separate families, by talking of the things we have in common.

These rewards are some of the 101 rewards found in Chapter 1 in Genealogy Is More Than Charts…Smith, ApronStrings.