Help for Reunions

When a genealogist attends a reunion, he does not just ‘chat and chew’, but sees the past and the future sitting there before him…an opportunity to visit, interview, entertain, educate all ages to appreciate who they are.

Here are some ways to accomplish this:

CELEBRATE your name – create a song, banner for table décor, establish identity with family tables: good for photos later.

CELEBRATE your accomplishments – brag table or presentation, such as: Talent show including joke telling, ear wiggling, gymnastics, representing each family.

CELEBRATE the early years – a photo display by generations, Heirloom Collection; guess price in 1900.

CELEBRATE the new additions to the family by birth or marriage – and remember the lives of those who have left us. Create a program booklet to be taken home.

CELEBRATE this particular reunion by creating a memory…something to autograph, paint, souvenir of the day, perhaps a videotape or photo. Dedicate the day to a person or select a memorial project.

CELEBRATE the memories of the oldest present by hearing their stories…answers to questions in TAKE ‘N’ TALK, created by ApronStrings. If you want to hear about childhood memories, use CHATTERBOX FOR KIDS.

CELEBRATE this opportunity to fill in the facts missing in the family history, reminding them that they are all part of it, and we don’t want to leave anyone out!

No reunion is the same – some will be absent, new ones present, weather and activities will vary, but you want everyone to be represented, and missed if they aren’t part of the day.

Many additional ideas are in Chapter 3 in Genealogy Is More Than Charts…Smith, ApronStrings.