Genealogy Is More Than Charts

This unique book, Genealogy Is More Than Charts, by Lorna Duane Smith, is really a compilation of 15 books, each with its own cover and focus. In its pages you will find motivation for the inexperienced, projects to enrich the records of the experienced, and activities to encourage involvement of the members of the family, genealogical society, and community.

Provided in this book are ideas for all ages in all stages of life with ways to communicate, record, and turn memories into a family history. It is the author's fondest dream that every household will own a "growing family tree," cultivated by someone who makes sure the memories are recorded, because Genealogy Is More Than Charts.

Do you know who your grandparents were? Would you like to know from whom you inherited all your outstanding talents, and whom to blame for all your shortcomings? Then you need to look into the rewards of genealogy!

In her book, Lorna Duane Smith shares more than 101 rewards she has gained in the twenty years she has pursued her ancestors. With chapters for every age and every stage of life, she has practical suggestions and activities that show how genealogy can enrich your life, family, school, and community. As you do your detective work, you find clues in your heirlooms, photos, letters, traditions, but most of all in the memories of your kin.

When you're ready to search records, she gets you acquainted with what's out there waiting for you, and the best ways to find it. Lorna Duane Smith has been collecting ancestors for twenty years, having spent earlier years as a teacher, musician, mother, and organizer of community activities.

During her four years as president of the Howard County, Maryland Genealogical Society, she explored new methods in communicating and networking. Her wealth of ideas has come from many years of learning from her own research experience as well as sharing with others. This has motivated her to conduct regular workshops and write this book to inspire others to seek the same rewards.

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