Apronstrings Activity Boxes

Take 'n' Talk, Questions and Ancestors, and ChatterBox For Kids, are the names of these new activities created by ApronStrings to encourage family and friends to share memories and little known information about themselves.

Each box (actual size 2-1/4 by 6 inches) consists of 175 questions on cards that are randomly chosen by each person, read and answered aloud as the card is returned to the box. The box is then passed on to the next person. More variety results if everyone responds to each question.

Use any activity as an opportunity to tape record voices, to help teachers motivate students to do creative writing, to help leaders to include everyone in the group, to involve elderly at retirement homes, and to enrich reunions.

Take 'n' Talk is an activity to turn 'together time' into 'quality time' by giving each person an opportunity to share life's big and little moments with family and friends.

Questions and Ancestors is an activity to celebrate our ancestral families by sharing our memories of how they affected our lives. Who are we, really? We're the product of all that came before--events, choices, but mostly our ancestors.

ChatterBox For Kids encourages even shy kids to open up, share opinions and frustrations, as well as hopes and dreams.

Cost is $9.50 each plus $2.00 shipping & handling

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