Definitions of words commonly heard on the Internet

Internet -
The entire set of networks.
cruft -
Binary or ASCII data that is not needed or wanted. " I removed the cruft that had filled the /tmp directory."
flame -
An angry and often witty response to someone s post (sometimes personal); Any type of junk mail you send companies because they posted on a newsgroup. "Perhaps if you had a brain you would know that..."
flamebait -
An article that someone post to draw flames. While often brutal, flames are sometimes amusing. Or, any type of advertisement posted to a newsgroup.
flavor -
different version of software/hardware. "BSD and system V are two flavors of UNIX."
foo, bar, baz -
Often used to help detail a situation while keeping the discussion abstract. "O.K. Lets say you have a file called foo. You have another file called bar. The way you merge the two together into a third , lets call it bar, is by using the ..."
homepage -
a collection of interlinked web pages that topically relate to a particular organization or domain
net potato -
Similar to a couch potato. Someone who spends a great deal of time surfing the net. You might even know one.
newbie -
A new participant of a particular newsgroup or the internet as a whole. "listen you newbie, read the FAQ before you post..."
sneakernet -
Data transfer method using hallways, humans and shoes. Derived from sneaker (another name for a tennis shoe) and network. "The network is down, I will just put the file on a floppy and bring it to you via sneakernet." One can tell the sneakernet is busy when many squeaky sounds emminate from the hallway.
spam, SPAM -
Unsolicited advertisements sent to a user or newsgroup. The common response is to reply with a "no thanks" letter. " If I wanted your products I could search on the Web and find them. No more spam thanks, I am full . SPAM - "Stupid Persons' AdvertiseMent
snail mail -
Reference to the relative speed of postal mail .
surfing the net -
The action of traveling the World Wide Web for ones own self interest.
techie -
Some one who knows about and is interested in the technical aspect of the Internet.
vanilla -
something is vanilla when it is plain.
website -
an entity that provides hypertext pages to other entities (note how this does not imply remote machines - we shall consider a CD with HTML pages on it and a local client attaching to it a "website")
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