"The AT symbol" ( is pronounced "Mike at foo dot com")< /B>
Bcc: -
"Blind Carbon Copy"
Cc: -
"Carbon Copy"
Elm -
"Electronic Mail for UNIX"
Fcc: -
"File Carbon Copy"
O.K. -
abbreviation of "oll korrect", alteration of "all correct" : all right. Mutilple emails (see contrib list) have indicated that the abreviation O.K. was not an english expression, they claim that the term came from the germans during the W W II, because the merchandise that they used in war was revised and stamp with a seal stating OLL KORRECT, so the abreviation for those words were O.K.
.(sp?) -
abbreviation of "spelling?" . Often placed after a word the author is unsure of the spelling and dosent want to run a spell checker. Example: I went to thier (sp?) house for dinner.
P.S. -
"Post Script"
PovRay -
"Persistence of Vision Ray Tracer"
Re: -
"Regarding". Often used in mail software.
Req: -
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